Since its establishment in 2002, Mobinus has been manufacturing
mobile antennas and RF products; improving the company credibility, developing new technologies and strengthening
product quality in order to satisfy its customers. We are continuing
to challenge the infinite possibilities in the mobile unit and RF
devices market.

The current dependence towards mobile communication in the
21st century is increasing rapidly in our lives. Not only does it
take up a large portion of our everyday lives, it is also involved in
education, industry, aerospace, the military and various other
fields of business. Even though the antenna is a small part of the
mobile device, it is one of the key parts that has to be included
within the unit. Our company owns various patents that allow us
to manufacture exclusive antenna products. They are currently
being applied in cell phones, PDAs, navigation devices, GPS
devices, modems and various IT devices around the globe. We
promise you that we will continue to contribute to the growth of the
industry by manufacturing the best quality products in the market.

Based on our customer's faith in our company, we will continue to
put out our best efforts towards growing into a global company.
We promise you that we will aid our nation in becoming a major
center of information technology in the world.

Thank you.
    CEO Han Byung Chae